Marwa Puta - Loan Partner

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My name is Marwa Puta and I reside in the suburbs of Shelby Township. I am a Loan Partner at Bank of England. Before becoming a loan partner, I was a loan officer here for three years, and I plan on sticking around for many more! I am overly passionate about what I do and could not imagine working anywhere else. Prior to Bank of England, I graduated from Dakota High School and instantly got involved in the Sales industry. Aside from work, I enjoy rollerblading and vacationing as often as possible. I am a big Red Wings fan! I am passionate about my family and friends and they have helped me grow to be passionate about my career. Because of my community, family, and friends I have learned to have a special comfort level with my clients, treating them like family and doing everything I can to make them happy. I am very personable and although my jokes may not always be as funny to you, I can guarantee that I will always make my clients laugh, whether it is with me or at me!

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Marwa Puta
Phone: (800) 249–0080

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