Jason Sebastian - Branch Manager Shelby Township

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Currently Shelby Township Branch Manager with Bank of England Mortgage, I've been in the mortgage industry since the age of 20, in different roles from wholesale to retail. It's easy to get caught up in negativity in our crazy world, but overall I try to be a very positive person. Everything we have and every day we are given is a blessing. Spreading that positivity by helping others is a big part of that. I really enjoy helping people accomplish things; motivating people and helping them make a plan to get where they want. Mortgages are a huge part of that. Whether I'm helping someone get into a new home or helping them save money. That's where my experience and patience come into play while explaining to people the steps of the mortgage process in the simplest ways possible.

I'm a proud uncle of four, my God Daughter, Charley, nieces Lyla and Brooklyn, and my nephew, Noah. I've lived in Shelby Township, Michigan for most of my life. I enjoy the traffic from Hall Road and potholes, but more so I like how everyone is very neighborly in the area. It makes me feel comfortable here. My hobbies used to include playing as many sports as possible until a recent shoulder injury. Now, I read more and watch Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead. My family is extremely important to me, that goes for all of my 21 cousins as well. The rest of my free time is mostly spent with them. I'm a Detroit fan from the bad seasons through the semi-good ones. I try to attend as many games as I can but tailgating with friends has my heart!

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Jason Sebastian
NMLS# 964124
Phone: (800) 249–0080
Email: jsebastian@boemortgage.com

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